Face and Skin: Advancing the Condition with the Help of Coffee

Many people cannot even imagine their morning without a cup of hot coffee. However, the beneficial influence it can produce will make it an even more beloved drink. You will be surprised of the positive impact coffee can promote for your skin. Definitely, coffee is not a magic ingredient, which does all the work. Have a look on coffee features, peculiarities and possible advantages for your skin condition.

Coffee Fighting Aging Due to Antioxidant Effect

Antioxidants are known to protect the skin from the devastating influence of free radicals. Coffee is the exact product, packed with this substance. Besides, antioxidants can fight aging, which is also good news for you. The results of specific studies have proven that coffee promotes the effects similar to an anti-aging skin care component, called hyaluronic acid. The oil of coffee seed advances elastin and collagen, making the skin feel and look firmer.

Besides, coffee can maintain skin hydration level decreasing trans-epidermal water loss. The best moment here is that all these benefits come not from roasted beans. The extracts produced from the coffee silverskin were claimed to possess antimicrobial and antifungal qualities, apart from being a source of antioxidants.

Coffee as Way to Protect Skin from Harmful UV Rays

It is not strange if you do not have a coffee silverskin supply just in your kitchen, though you should have coffee grounds left from your morning pot. Apart from fresh coffee, used coffee grounds bear a potential benefit for your skin.

Multiple researches have proven that spent coffee ground extract are ultimately effective in protection against UV-B rays damage. Therefore, if included in skin care products, coffee extract may prevent the appearance of sun damage signs and wrinkles. An interesting thing is that coffee can protect the skin from the influence of the sun. Additionally, coffee drinkers develop skin cancer, peculiarly melanoma, less frequently.

Definitely, it cannot substitute an effective sunscreen, though it can boost its effect. You will still require quality sunscreen to prevent aging effect and sunburns. This is exceptionally important for people using medications, which trigger sun sensitivity.

Skin Care Benefits of Spent Coffee Grounds

Will spent coffee grounds provide the same effects as coffee extract? Definitely, no. Coffee extract is considerably more powerful that the remnants in your filter. However, spent grounds can be easily used in DIY treatments with an ultimately advantageous impact on the skin. Obviously, grounds can be added to handmade scrubs to naturally soften and smooth the skin. It will be exceptionally helpful for dry and rough areas, like knees, feet and elbows.

Caffeine in the grounds can advance the look of your skin, though temporarily. The substance constricts skin, contributing to its tightness and firmness. Such an effect will combat puffy eyes and make cellulite less noticeable.

Coffee Scrubs as Acne Treatment: Myth or Reality

Amazing smell, super soft skin and other beneficial impacts of coffee are the vivid and approved benefits. However, coffee has nothing to do with the acne treatment. Scrubs, even natural ones, cannot clear acne without proper medical assistance. A scrub can definitely remove the upper layer of dead skin, but it does not penetrate pores. And it is inside your pores, where acne blemishes appear.

Acne is not caused by dirt or oil on the surface of the skin, rather a blockage deep inside the pore. Along with proliferation of acne bacteria, inflammation triggers the pimples you hate. Unfortunately, scrubbing will not eliminate the reasons of acne occurrence. What’s more, scrubs from coffee grounds can be rather aggressive, irritating the already inflamed breakouts.

In fact, proven over-the-counter medications, oral medications or prescription topical acne drugs are the best choices for clearing acne. They may not be trendy or DIY, but they are definitely effective.

DIY Skin Care Products with Spent Coffee Grounds

Do not throw away used coffee grounds for fun and to make fast DIY treatments that would soften and smooth your skin. Instead, whip up some of the following recipes. Make sure your skin is not sensitive to the ingredient and will not get irritated. Coffee grounds can be rather harsh on delicate skin, so you’d better avoid DIY coffee ground scrubs in case your skin is too sensitive. Irrespective of the skin type, you should not scrub too aggressively, since it can trigger unwanted skin reactions. Stinging, redness and sensitivity are the key symptoms of scrub overdoing.

Keep in mind that these treatments should be made fresh every time you use them. Get rid of the leftovers.

• Exfoliating facial mask. Combine 1 tablespoon of yogurt with ¼ teaspoon spent coffee grounds. Yogurt flavor is not very important, but vanilla or plain works the best with natural coffee scent. Massage the mask over your face and neck. Let it sit for five minutes. Rinse with warm water to reveal soft, bright skin. The mask should not be applied more than 1-2 times a week.

• Sugar and coffee body polish. Mix 2 tablespoons of spent coffee grounds with ½ cup granulated sugar and ¼ cup sweet almond oil. While in shower, massage over your body. Pay ultimate attention to rough areas, like knees and elbows. Rinse well and enjoy perfect skin.

• Exfoliating foot scrub. Mix ¼ cup of Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, olive oil and coffee grounds. Use the mixture as a scrub to provide your feet with a nice treat.

• Puffy eyes reducer. Take a teaspoon of spent grounds, put it in a dampened paper tower and lay over your eyes for around 20 minutes to decrease puffiness.10