Dangerous Medications For People With Hypertension

Hypertension sets certain limits in your lifestyle. Your physician can recommend you to lessen the amount of salt, increase physical activity, give up smoking and lose some extra pounds. Along with these restrictions, you should avoid taking drugs and medical products that may increase your blood pressure. In order to reduce the risk of getting complications, you should discuss the list of such medications, herbs and supplements with your doctor. Some of them can make your blood pressure rise to the dangerous level, the others may interact with the medicines you take for hypertension. That is why it is extremely important to tell your physician about any new drugs you are considering to take.

Let’s check the list of drugs that are not recommended for patients with hypertension.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents belong to the over-the-counter pain medications and cold drugs. This category includes Naprosyn, ibuprofen, and other popular medical products, marketed under familiar brand names. If you suffer from pain or have fever, and at the same time you are diagnosed with hypertension, it is better to opt for acetaminophen.

Cold Medicines

Anti-cold medicaments may contain decongestants that affect your blood vessels by constricting them and raising blood pressure. These components can be a reason of a dangerously high blood pressure if you have hypertension. They also can worsen the effectiveness of hypertension medications prescribed by your physician.

Usually such drugs contain phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine. To reduce the risk of complications, you should replace such medicines with antihistamines. They remove cold symptoms without raising blood pressure.


Estrogen is a common compound of many contraceptives. Unfortunately, it may become a cause of higher blood pressure, as it is posted on their labels. This tendency increases in smokers and in women after 35.

Anti-migraine Medications

If you suffer from migraines and take a prescribed medication for it, be cautious if you have hypertension. There are several migraine drugs affecting vessels and increasing blood pressure. The most common medicines include ergotamine or belong to the group of sumatriptans.

If your health care provider has changed, do not forget to tell him about the medications you are taking. All drugs with vasoconstriction properties are prohibited for people with hypertension.

Weight Loss Drugs

If you are taking any drugs for weight loss, such as Orlistat, you should also consult your physician. Although this category of medical products is not associated with high blood pressure, some of its members, particularly stimulant drugs, may worsen your situation by increasing blood pressure. People with hypertension should lose weight by sticking to a healthy diet and doing sports in order to avoid complications and other issues with their health.

Stimulant Medications

Patients suffering from ADHD take such treatments like Vyvanse or Adderall. Their active agents cause vasoconstriction and, as a result, increased blood pressure. Provigil that is prescribed for treating narcolepsy and sleep disorder, may also become the reason of a higher blood pressure in people with hypertension.


Trying to improve functioning of immune system, many people take additional vitamins and minerals. Although they can be bought in any store, they are not always harmless, especially for people with hypertension. Before taking a supplement, bring the label with its ingredients to your physician and ask if it is good for you. The most common components causing increased blood pressure are mahuang, ephedra, arnica, gingko, and ginseng. It is recommended also to pay attention to the contains of energy drinks, or it is better to avoid them at all in order to maintain normal blood pressure.