Collagen Supplements for Perfect Skin

Collagen is defined as a protein that can be found within the connective tissues around the whole body. With age, the inner side of skin loses collagen and becomes less firm and supple. Additionally, the skin turns to be more vulnerable to injuries and damage. There is a considerable part of people, who prefer to restore the original collagen levels with the help of collagen supplements.

A significant part of collagen supplements include hydrolyzed collagen in its composition. Collagen derived from animals has been broken to small peptides, promoting the necessary effect.

What Is the Reason for Collagen Supplements Use?

According to claims of proponents, collagen supplements possess certain ultimate advantages, such as:

• Stronger bones;
• Improved eye health;
• Enhanced skin, nail and hair condition;
• Boosted athletic performance;
• Lower risk of heart disease development.

Beneficial Impact of Collagen Supplements: Do They Really Work?

Irrespective of the promises about restored collagen level, better skin condition and lack of age-related damage, results of numerous clinical researches showed certain influences collagen supplements produce on health and skin.

Here come several findings from the investigation:

1. Body composition. According to the recent study, using hydrolyzed collagen supplements can help a patient preserve lean body mass. It is ultimately useful for older women. 9 healthy elderly women participated in the research, being given hydrolyzed collagen supplements for 15 days.

2. Skin health. Another study claimed that collagen peptides can enhance the skin elasticity. Women between 35 and 55 years old took part in the research, taking collagen supplements or placebo on a daily basis for 8 weeks. As a result, those, who were taking collagen, received better skin elasticity compared to the ones, who were taking placebo.

3. Bone health. During specially organized trials, collagen supplements failed to enhance bone condition in postmenopausal women. During the study, 71 women diagnosed with osteopenia had an opportunity either to take hydrolyzed collagen or placebo for 21 weeks. The result of the research was not satisfying, since the supplement seemed to produce no influence on the bone metabolism.

Possible Complications

Apart from a positive impact, there are numerous concerns, as for collagen supplements use. Advancing collagen synthesis could also stimulate reactive oxygen species production and oxidative stress. Specific collagen items have been officially recalled by the FDA due to the false claims. At the same time, collagen supplements have not even been tested for safety. Therefore, it is important to remember that there is no evidence about the supplement safety in pregnant or nursing women, children and patients with underlying or accompanying health problems.

Here you can learn some tips on consumption of collagen supplements. However, you need to consul a qualified medical specialist if you consider the substance use for anti-aging purposes and during the treatment of specific health disorders.

Alternative Forms of Collagen for Skin

1. Collagen Creams. Unfortunately, there is little scientific evidence for an anti-aging effect of collagen lotions, creams and similar products.

2. Collagen Injections. Known as “fillers”, this type of cosmetic procedure presupposes injecting some substances to decrease signs of the aging process in the skin. For example, Poly-L-Lactic acid fillers stimulate collagen production within the skin, fighting aging. Even though they are considered to be safe, sometimes they can trigger significant allergic reactions and skin discoloration.