About us

Our world is changing everyday for the better. We do our banking while jogging on a treadmill, we shop and obtain loans while waiting on our flight, we connect with loved ones in ways we never thought possible. Healthcare is no exception. With today’s technology receiving quality healthcare should not encumber our daily lives as it has in the past. Our world is ubiquitously connected and with this as our guiding principal willmarambulance.com has assembled a nationwide network of licensed US physicians, dentists, optometrists and pharmacies that share this philosophy and thus are working with willmarambulance.com to deliver a much needed supplement to our healthcare system. Our doctors are among the best in the world and are on call via phone or internet 24/7. Our network of dentists and vision care providers is the largest participating network of its kind in the US. These professionals including nearly every major pharmacy in the US are working through willmarambulance.com to provide our members more cost effective and immediate access to quality healthcare. The time has come for us all to embrace the new face of healthcare. willmarambulance.com is not only a supplement to traditional healthcare; it is a supplement to the quality of life.

willmarambulance.com is an e-health service provider that is using technology to bridge a critical growing gap in today’s healthcare delivery system. We are a network of more than 650 physicians, 60,000 pharmacies, 50,000 vision care providers, 120,000 dentists all working together to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

willmarambulance.com provides consumers with round-the-clock access to U.S. licensed physicians via telephone, internet, on-line video and secure email using proprietary telemedicine technology. These physicians will discuss symptoms, willmarambulance.com recommend treatment options, diagnose many minor conditions and prescribe medication when appropriate. willmarambulance.com augments this service with a discount membership card which can be used nationwide to get discounts on prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and other healthcare services.